Women and Entrepreneurship: The Impacts and Challenges

Challenges women face in entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial activity; the impacts of the increased presence of women in the Canadian economy. Do you remember what made you pursue entrepreneurship? For me, it was as a child. My mom would take me with her to work where I would set up pretend businesses or ‘help out’. Later, it was watching my parents begin their own companies or help/consult with other startups. They would entertain me by explaining their business plans, or what they were working on, and answer my endless questions. But, my exposure to startups in my formative years wasn’t limited to my parents. I was very fortunate, growing up, to have many family role models for business ownership. It was witnessing all of them exhibit a striking combination of determination, hard work, and an ability to create, which was vital in stoking my enthusiasm for entrepreneurial pursuits.

4 Women We Wish We Knew – Historical Female Leaders Who Changed the World

Today it can be easy to forget that there was a time when women weren’t afforded the same rights as men and lived in a world very different from our own. They had to fight to be heard, to have an education, and to work. Throughout history, women have faced numerous inequalities and hardships. But […]

The 3 CIAP Steps to International Business Growth

Writer: Brettany Shannon-Fenn Experience expedited growth with the Canada-India Acceleration Program. The CIAP is a funded initiative that strives to position Canadian start-ups in emerging markets, such as India, creating more expertise and growth opportunities’ while empowering female leaders. Through the program’s three phases, businesses will: Get Supported, Get Connected, and Get Funded, resulting in […]