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CIAP 2019 ScaleCamp Collaborator

This year's ScaleCamp will be run with our collaborator to bring

together a world-class acceleration program. 


Accenture is leveraging the knowledge of leading experts, providing innovative incubation space for companies, and collaborating with CIAP during and post ScaleCamp.

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A Carleton University Initiative

The Canada India Acceleration Program is designed to help female entrepreneurs break into new markets, make impactful connections, learn valuable skills and spur venture growth. The CIAP strives to position Canadian start-ups in emerging markets, such as India, creating more expertise and growth opportunities.

Tap into Global Markets

Studies clearly show that women in key leadership positions benefit companies, employees, their industries and lead to increased economic growth. Through the CIAP you can expand your company’s reach by entering into untapped markets, like India. We’ll provide you access to market experts, mentors, and 200+ incubators.


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