4 Vital Tips: How to Keep Your Brand Active

Stay Relevant With Your Target Audience

When your brand is transitioning and looking for new ways to stay relevant to your consumers, you’ll want to find ways to reach them with an approach that resonates with them.

Brands that have adjusted to the change in customer behaviour have witnessed better results due to being aware of the current issues impacting consumers today. Transforming these issues into positive solutions from your brand shows your customers you are taking the time to understand their needs.

Responding to a crisis and having to pivot your strategies is a lengthy task and requires much brainstorming with your team.

Below, we will explore the most necessary initial steps to keep your brand relevant, active, and continuing to grow your audience online.

Keep your brand active with these 4 tips:

1. Understand the Current Situation

Gather information on your audience and how the situation has impacted them

The last thing you want to do is assume. Performing adequate research into your audience and what they are talking about online, setting up Google alerts for critical media release notifications, and monitoring what other established brands are posting about will help keep you up-to-date. The information you gather will help you tailor your strategy, giving you a basepoint to implement your creative spin to your messaging, ads, and other mediums you choose to utilize.

2. Be Helpful by Providing Value

Provide value to your customers

If your brand builds a reputation around supporting and providing valuable resources, both internally and externally, you will receive better recognition for your customers and employees. By listening to what concerns your employees have and actively encouraging them to share ideas, you will find that you can better serve your customers. The goal is to continually identify what your customers are looking for based on their pain points and needs to better serve them in community spaces, on your website and your social media platforms.

3. Actively Engage with Customers

Engage with customers online

Now more than ever, customers have many questions. It could be directly about your products and services and how you are adapting to changes required by the government and for workplace health and safety. Making statements indicating how you’ll be conducting business and what additional support each customer will receive. The types of support you could make available are extended return policies, extra sanitary levels in your handling of goods, and longer free trials to make people feel comfortable purchasing down the road. Do your best to listen, serve, and connect with your existing and potential customers with compassion and awareness of the new normal we live in.

4. Set S.M.A.R.T Objectives

SMART Objectives help define goals

Taking the time to break down each of your objectives into these categories to define what goals you are trying to achieve accurately will help keep you on track. When you follow through with accomplishing the goals set out, share them with your team to show achievements and what requires more improvement. Clarity and transparency throughout this process will strengthen your organization, hold everyone accountable, and ultimately build your brand.

S: Specific

  • Indicate precisely what medium you will be using to attract customers and the essential metrics to track progress accurately.

M: Measurable

  • Specify exactly how to plan on measuring the outlined goal(s) with the tools and resources needed to get the job done.

A: Achievable

  • Make sure the goal aligns with a reasonable scope for your company based on bandwidth, capital, and brand awareness.

R: Relevant

  • Is the goal you are trying to achieve relevant to your company’s overarching objectives? Is this a priority to focus on at this time, or are there more meaningful goals pending?

T: Timely

  • Set a realistic deadline for when the goal must be met by and ensure everyone is aware of the target and why it’s essential for the business.

Key Takeaway

The tips we went over are tactic staples you can use to help keep your brand relevant. When the current state of the world is unpredictable, be aware that your strategy could change, at any given time, to adapt to the evolving needs and desires of customers. Keep customers and employees at the forefront of all decisions and base your success on their success.

To understand your customers more and tailor strategies to their needs, take a look at our blog: The Altered Customer Journey.

How has your brand maintained its relevance in such an unpredictable environment?

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