The 3 CIAP Steps to International Business Growth

International Business Growth

Writer: Brettany Shannon-Fenn

Experience expedited growth with the Canada-India Acceleration Program.

The CIAP is a funded initiative that strives to position Canadian start-ups in emerging markets, such as India, creating more expertise and growth opportunities’ while empowering female leaders. Through the program’s three phases, businesses will: Get Supported, Get Connected, and Get Funded, resulting in access to resources, networking with key people, and the opportunity to pitch for seed funding. 

The CIAP initiative has two major mandates: provide growth opportunities for female entrepreneurs and increase foreign revenue for Canadian ventures. The program achieves its goals by preparing women-led Canadian startups with the fundamentals and resources required to scale their business into international markets. CIAP has the access, support and expertise of several Carleton University and partnered programs. Some include: Lead to Win Incubator, the Centre for Research and Education for Women and Work, and the Canada-India Centre for Excellence (CICE).

In the program’s inaugural year, the CIAP successfully sent six companies to India, each with their own unique stories and missions. They experienced a wealth of networking opportunities and learnings during their stay that led to an accomplishment of objectives ranging from developing global partnerships to finding a new consumer-base. Currently, three of these companies are in due diligence for funding. This year it could be you! 

Why We Stand Behind You

Gender diversity in the workplace

Gender diversity is more important than ever before, as is strengthening foreign policies, global business growth and trade. The world is experiencing unparalleled levels of innovation with fast-moving markets and industries. The CIAP further aims to bolster female leadership and trade activity between Indian and Canadian markets.

Why Female Leaders?  Studies have shown that when women are involved at higher levels of leadership, there is greater overall employee satisfaction and happiness within the workplace. Employees also become more fulfilled and engaged with the company culture; resulting in more innovation. With only a small percentage of ventures having women in key decision-making positions, there’s a need to embolden female leaders and provide the skills they need to take their venture to the next level.

Why expand your business to India

Why India?

With an annual economic increase of approximately 7.5%, India is the fastest growing market in the world. Combined with a population of over 1.2 billion, a strong startup ecosystem, and an expanding middle-class population, India makes an excellent country for Canadian businesses to expand their ventures.

CIAP Benefits & Opportunities:

  • Valuable set of tools to grow your venture
  • Dedicated sessions for co-development opportunities with Indian ventures
  • Advisory services (e.g. legal, taxation and accounting)
  • Access to over 200+ Incubators
  • Mentorships with pivotal people 
  • Pitching sessions with Indian Angel Investors and Venture Capitalist funds
  • Access to resources and information for growth
  • Networking sessions with relevant, potential stakeholders
  • Learnings from leading India market experts
  • Break into a foreign market
  • Accommodation and Food Plans (for the stay in India)
  • Become a role model for more female-led tech ventures and women in the workplace
  • The CIAP 3-Step Acceleration Process

Through the CIAP, you and your venture are supported through several stages. The program gives you the necessary tools, resources, and access you need to rapidly accelerate the growth of your company.

Our Canada-India Acceleration Program consists of three stages:

0) Application and Discovery Process

Before the initial phase of the program, we focus on discovering relevant applicants.

How to Qualify:

  • Annual revenue under $500,000
  • Female-led company, or has women in positions of top leadership within the company
  • Must be in the technology space 

See How You Can Get Involved
 1) Get Supported

On-the-ground Ottawa Intensive Boot Campthatreviews fundamentals to scaling and navigating the Indian market:

  • 1-week
  • Invitation only
  • In person and Online:
  • Content Delivery
  • Takeaway products
  • Administration
  • Worksheet preparation

2) Get Connected (2 weeks – 3 months)

Soft-landing in India is a CIAP-funded trip to understand how to navigate new sales channels, operate legally, and partner with strategic Indian allies.

  • 2-weeks to 3 months
  • Chosen by CIAP-associated Market Experts
  • CIAP provides funding support to the ventures in the form of: 
  • Fully-functional office space
  • Advisory services (e.g., legal, taxation and accounting)
  • Accommodation 
  • Basic food plans

3) Get Funded 

Investment Opportunity:After returning from Indiacompanies have thechance to pitch in front of Indo-Canadian business links:

  • Opportunity for $200,00+ in seed funding
  • Pitch will be presented to a CIAP-associated Investment Panel

*Note – If a venture is successful in securing seed funding with the Panel, a formal contract will be designed to detail the partnership. The cost of the contract will be borne by the venture.

The Takeaways

CIAP strives to make India’s market more accessible to Canadian companies through excellent resources, access to key market experts, and influential investors. The CIAP understands the strength of fortified international relationships and how championing women leaders brings a range of refreshing perspectives that lead to expedited innovation throughout all industries. Interested in scaling your business quickly and breaking into new markets? Let’s talk! Discover how to apply today.

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